" Make a Vow To be Happy in the Now "

"Just be happy dont try to become happy "

What we are good at..!


All happiness books and Live life moment


as it is the start point.. Foundation of happiness

Love and Bliss

True love, God = Happiness


8 Stages of Spiritual Awakening, Book Satchit

O u r F o u n d e r

AiR– Atman in Ravi is a happiness ambassador, spiritual mentor, speaker, transformational author and a philanthropist, who is on a mission to help people discover the way to Eternal Happiness through Enlightenment. Started with nothing… Became something…Achieved everything, Only to realize we are nothing! AiR himself lived a material life, chasing wealth, success, fame and fortune before he turned to Spirituality. An iconic entrepreneur and a successful businessman, AiR walked away from the retail empire he had created when he was 40 years old and decided to dedicate his time, energy and efforts to making a difference doing – Humanitarian, Inspirational and Spiritual work. AiR opened two destitute homes known as AiR Humanitarian Homes spread across Bengaluru, that today, care for over 800 homeless and needy people – their food, clothing, medicines and hospitalization.

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O u r N e w s & E v e n t s

Ultimate Peak Of Happiness


Happiness is a state of being. We can’t become happy. We have to be happy, moment by moment.


True love is bliss, not just a kiss. It is beyond the skin. It is Divine. It is love from Soul to Soul.


Peace is the foundation of happiness. Peace, we can’t find…it is within, we just have to still our mind.


Satchitananda is a state of seamless, Divine bliss that comes from living in truth Consciousness.

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