" Make a Vow To be Happy in the Now "

"Just be happy dont try to become happy "

What we are good at..!


All happiness books and Live life moment


as it is the start point.. Foundation of happiness

Love and Bliss

True love, God=Happiness


8 Stages of Spiritual Awakening, Book Satchit

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About AiR gives glimpses into AiR’s life and spiritual evolution, how he evolved from a successful businessman to a seeker, his quest and the guiding influences in his life. It explains both his vision and mission and his relentless effort to inspire people to Realize the Truth and the Ultimate Goal of life. AiR seeks to help people Realize the Truth, which can help them attain Mukti, that is, freedom from all suffering and liberation from the karmic cycle of death and rebirth.

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Happiness is a state of being. We can’t become happy. We have to be happy, moment by moment.


True love is bliss, not just a kiss. It is beyond the skin. It is Divine. It is love from Soul to Soul.


Peace is the foundation of happiness. Peace, we can’t find…it is within, we just have to still our mind.


Satchitananda is a state of seamless, Divine bliss that comes from living in truth Consciousness.

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