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3 Peaks of Happiness

We confuse happiness with achievements and success, wealth and fame. We don’t realize that achievement is only the first peak of happiness. Achievement only gives us happiness. We have to evolve to the ultimate peak of happiness— Enlightenment.

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True love is Bliss

True love can never make us unhappy or miserable. It is not a kiss. It is bliss. It can only give us happiness. If it makes us miserable, it isn’t true love at all. True love is Divine, Soulful love, love from Soul to Soul. It is without expectations or possessiveness.

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Be happy in the now

The only way we can be happy is by living in the moment. Unfortunately, most of live with regrets of the past or worries of the future. We can never be happy in a yesterday that is gone or a tomorrow not yet born. We can only be happy in the now!

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God = Happiness

To be truly happy, we must attain the ultimate goal of human life — Enlightenment. We must realize who we are, who God is. It is only when we realize God, we attain God that we can be truly happy.

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Satchitananda is the state of true bliss and peace. It is attained when having realized the truth, we live in consciousness of the truth. It is a Divine ecstasy, joy, unknown to the common man. It is a state of everlasting peace and bliss.

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What is happiness? How can we be happy? This poems tells us all about happiness— something that we all yearn for and something that remains elusive.

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